Code of Conduct



Line up bags neatly at training sessions and games (well off the field). Wear appropriate Deep Run or FC Bucks North uniforms to training and games. Bring a properly inflated ball to all training sessions and games. Wear shin guards at all training sessions and games. Greet coaches at all training sessions and games and thank coaches at the end of training sessions and games. During matches, all reserve players must sit on the bench. Just prior to entering the game, reserves should warm-up. After shaking hands players run over and recognize the parents (round of applause) after the game. Be courteous and welcoming to our guests (your opponents and their families) Clean up the field, as a team, after every training session and game, before departure. Be respectful of referees and linesmen. Do not argue with them no matter what!


I will dress professionally and look like a coach. Wearing Deep Run gear on the field at training and at games. I will be prompt to all events (training, games, meetings, etc…). I will create a safe and healthy soccer environment at training and games. I will exercise good sportsmanship and insist that my players and team parents do as well. I will coach through positive, helpful comments in games and in training. I will be knowledgeable of and adhere to the rules of the club, the league and the game. I will foster a sports environment that is free of drugs, tobacco and alcohol. I will fully support the Club’s vision and overall expectations of player and team development and I will support and follow the Deep Run Curriculum. I will be organized and communicate effectively with my teams and parents.


I will be a positive role model for my child and others by encouraging good sportsmanship and demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, fans and officials. I will respect my child’s coach and his or her decisions regarding the team. I will encourage my child to initiate conversations with the coach should there be any issues. I will adhere to and understand the 24-hour rule regarding contacting the coach after games. I will do my best to remember that my child participates in sports for his/her own enjoyment and satisfaction. I understand that the emotional and physical well-being of my child and teammates is more important than winning. I will be fully committed to the team, making sure my son/daughter attends all training sessions, games scheduled. If training or games must be missed, I will notify the coach or manager of the team. I will demand a playing environment for my child that is free of drug and alcohol abuse. I will have a zero tolerance policy for bullying both in person and via online platforms. I will encourage my child to practice at home, outside of structured practice time. I will allow the coach to coach during games and practices; I understand I am not allowed on the training surface during practices.


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