travel team finances


Deep Run understands the need for immediate access to account balances to plan for tournaments, equipment,  team functions, etc.  As a result, we have developed the following procedures to help ensure a timely and accurate account of team balances.


  1. To ensure deposits are recorded timely
  2. To ensure Payment requests are recorded timely
  3. A monthly audit performed on all accounts
  4. Ensure, if applicable, the transfer of funds to pay coaches is completed timely


Each team treasurer will need a Google account.  

Deep Run will share a Google spreadsheet that can be accessed anytime.

The treasurer will not have access to edit or comment.  This is view only.


  1. Create a Google account.  This is free!  
    1. Once you have a Google Email, please forward your address to Michelle Bogle.
    2. The spreadsheet file will be “shared” with you
    3. You will have access to view only this file.
    4. Once the document is shared, it will be in your Shared file.  You can access it whenever you need to review your account.
  2. Each Treasurer is required to keep their own records.
    1. Records should be recorded in a spreadsheet or another accounting system.
    2. All deposits and payments should be recorded in the spreadsheet or accounting system.
    3. Any discrepancies for or against the account should be directed to Mike Koch via email.
  1. To ensure proper payment is made, please complete the new “Payment Request” form.
  2. Once your form is completed, please email it to Michelle Bogle.
    1. Mike will cut a check based on this request.
    2. Please ensure all information is accurate.
    3. The accounting spreadsheet will be updated once this payment is made. This will be your confirmation of payment.
  3. Deep Run Tournaments
    1. Michelle Bogle will deduct the applicable cost from the account automatically.  Please ensure you have funds available for this.
    2. Payments will be reflected in the accounting spreadsheet.
  4. Invoices:  At times, teams may use facilities such as PHS Turf.  PHS will invoice Deep Run directly.  For these transactions, Michelle Bogle will automatically deduct the team portion of the cost.  
    1. Payment will be reflected in the accounting spreadsheet.
  1. To ensure proper recording of deposits is made, please complete the new “Deposit” Form.
  2. The form has two sections; 1 half you keep, and the other is given with the checks.
  3. Once your form is complete, cash/checks will be given to Michelle Bogle.  Payments also may be mailed to P.O. Box 380, Hilltown, PA  18927.
  4. Michelle will then record the deposit into the accounting spreadsheet.
  5. Account treasurer should record their payments in their accounting system (i.e., excel spreadsheet, Quickbooks, etc.)
    1. Make sure checks are made payable to Deep Run or DVRSA
    2. Ensure that the amount written out is the correct amount.  The banks look at the amount written out, not the number in the box.
    3. Checks are signed
    4. For your security, make copies of checks and record who gives you the payment.
  1. Joe Mauer will complete a monthly audit and report discrepancies to the team treasurer and Michelle Bogle.
  2. Discrepancies are to be resolved within five business days.
  3. Accounts will be reflected with resolution.




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