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Deep Run Valley Sports Association offers Intramural Soccer for children in Pre-Kindergarten through 4th Grade. Our intramural program is broken down into 3 Divisions:

If you have any questions about intramural soccer or would like to volunteer, please contact Myles Bartos at IMSOCCER@DRVSA.ORG



General Information for Fall 2022 Season

We look forward to having your child play soccer with us this season. We continue to make minor changes that will hopefully improve the overall experience from organization to play on the field.
Teams will be generally built by grouping kids by school. Siblings in the same age division will be kept together (unless there are compelling reasons not to). We do not ​accept player requests except for coaches (who get their child, plus one player request).

Game times and Schedule:

Games are played on Saturdays in the fall and we plan on 8 games starting on September 10th .
The final schedule will be dependent on the number of teams in each division. (more teams = more games = longer times before the next age group can play). The
schedule is typically as follows:

  • PreK/K kids play first starting first, around 9 am in the spring. Boys and girls play together (coed) in this age group.
  • 1st/2nd grade kids play next. The boys and girls play separately (provided registration numbers allow).
  • 3rd/4th grade kids typically begin play mid to late morning going into the afternoon. Girls and boys typically play separately. However, low registration the last couple of seasons has required us to play coed. This age group plays on a different field than the younger kids.

The schedule is finalized after all teams are built and coaching vacancies are filled.
Efforts are made to minimize coaching conflicts.


Practices typically occur during the weeknights. We encourage the coach of each team to find a time that is (most) mutually beneficial to their team. In intramurals, most teams practice once a week. Teams may practice more frequently if they choose.
Coaches are volunteers and get 51% of the vote.​

Timeline of updates:

  • Registration is guaranteed up until August 15th.
  • Teams are typically built during the following week or two and uniforms are ordered to meet the registration numbers (plus a few for cushion).
  • After August 15th , registration is not guaranteed since we may not have uniforms ordered. Please register early.
  • The team rosters are expected to be distributed by August 31 st (earlier if possible).
  • The final schedule will also be distributed and posted (here) around August 31st.
  • Uniforms arrive for distribution by September 6

Coaching and Volunteering:

Please consider coaching and/ or volunteering. In addition to coaches, we need parents to help line the fields (a weekly chore) and help with special events. This includes gear bag building and distribution, uniform distribution, and other tasks.
Without volunteers to coach, we don’t have a season. It is fun, rewarding, and doesn’t take a whole lot more time than you already spend as a spectator. You will need to get the appropriate background checks completed and take concussion training. The process is easy and at no cost to you. We can also help you learn the rules of the game. Additional volunteers for support tasks are also needed and are key to the success of the season. Volunteering for support tasks includes weekly painting of the lines on the field, distributing uniforms, and organizing gear bags. If you have questions about what this takes, please contact Myles Bartos @ IMSOCCER@DRVSA.ORG